There are many occasions in which you need an exclusive and original item for a creative project, but everything good is unavailable or way out of budget. Well, we might be able to help you with this.

At SWEET REBELS we have build up a personal collection over the years with many (very) exclusive and one of a kind items. That collection has become so big that we have decided to make it available for you to rent it. You can now rent the most exclusive items for all the creative projects you're working on for only a fraction of their worth!

So when you are working on a photoshoot, film or tv-show, video shoot or any other creative project that you need exclusive items for: start at SWEET RENTALS so you'll always have the best items.

Creative projects usually have to be done at the speed of light, which gives you little time to arrange everything. We understand that and have a very simple way of working:

Come by the store and go through all the items we have available. You can be assisted in picking items if needed, but you can also just browse through everything by yourself to find what you're looking for.

When you've made a selection of the items you need we will simply fill out the booking form with all the items you need and the dates which you need them for. You sign the form, pay the deposit (depends on the amount of items) and walk out the door. That's it!

On the agreed date you bring back the items and receive your deposit back. No need to dry clean or iron anything, that's part of the price and we will take care of it.

The standard booking period is 3 days. If you need to rent items for a longer period than 3 days this is most definitely possible: inform about the options while booking the items.

There are 3 different price categories for all the items. Each category has its own price per three days. If you wish to rent an item for longer than 3 days you pay 10% per day extra.

Price ranges:

  • regular item € 35,-
  • special item € 55
  • exclusive item € 85,-

We have had very good and fun working relationships with professionals borrowing our items. However, to keep things clear for everyone involved we work with a booking form which states exactly what has been rented, for how many days and for what price. This way everyone knows what has been agreed upon.

In order for you to be able to rent items you will need to:

  • sign the form
  • bring a copy of your ID
  • pay the applicable deposit

We will take pictures of all items before we rent them out, so there can never be a misundersting about how the item was delivered to you.

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